Das Klub - ASP.NET MVC YouTube Video Community

Open source SEO friendly ASP.NET MVC/ SQL Server Video Community System. Runs on ASP.NET MVC 4, SQL Server 2012, IIS8 and Amazon S3. It's a hybrid of social network, dating, news and video.

What this system can do for you:

With your own instance of Das Klub, you can create your own niche community website based on YouTube videos that are submitted to the site. The site offers the admin the ability to adjust videos, modify advertising banners, edit the design and much more. With an Amazon S3 account, users can upload their own photos.


  • User profiles
  • Responsive design (desktop, mobile, tablet) with Twitter bootstrap
  • YouTube video management
  • Status updates (top posts of the week)
  • Private messaging
  • SignalR Chatroom
  • Contact management
  • User search
  • Editable sections like store, advertising, radios, style and more
  • Google maps
  • Video playlist
  • WYSIWYG news editor
  • Translated into 19 languages
  • Email to photo checking

What you can do for this system:

Donate Money. Help track issues, work to resolve bugs, document usage and much much more. Improve development to enable easier installation and better administration.

Started in 2011, Das Klub Is The Industrial Dance Kommunity. Live site: http://dasklub.com. It began with creating a website to catalog YouTube videos and through a dance contest grew to have users. As more people joined, features increased. Within months the site was the meeting place for people to travel across countries to meet each other found on the site. Within one year the site caused me, the admin of the site, to travel to Germany for my first time to meet users of the site. This is perhaps one of the one unique open source projects you'll find and there are other instances of it running, for example: Go Go Guitars.

AS OF 2013-01-12 THE CODE IS NOW ON GITHUB: https://github.com/dasklub

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